Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Search Quran Software Free For Download

Zahid Hussain, an Software Developer from Pakistan has developed a search engine/directory software for the Holy Quran, which can display topic based results from Holy Quran.
It’s not that search engine for Holy Quran were not available before, but special feature that Zahid Hussain brought is that you can search for any topic or subject in the Holy Quran in four languages
  1. English,
  2. Arabic,
  3. Urdu and
  4. Roman Urdu).
Earlier versions of Search Engine for Holy Quran (easily available online) support mainly the English and Arabic languages.
Roman Urdu is what most of us use in SMSso the effort to make the Quran more accessible is commendable.
The way it works is that suppose you want to know what the Quran says about a particular topic, say “صبر”. You can either type it in Urdu, type “Patience” in English or “Sabar” in Roman Urdu.
The software will then tell you how many times it appears in the Quran Majeed and where it appears. All translations are provided along with the original ayat. Download Here

Download Free Sunan E Abi Doud Shareef

Saheeh Bukhari Shareef In Urdu

download free saheeh Bukhari Shareef in Urdu and Arabic
Download Here